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Gangsters: Deathtouch by Philip Martin

Death comes to Birmingham disguised as W.C. Fields…

John Kline’s gone straight. Or he’s trying to. The restaurant business isn’t all he’d hoped for – not with his old nemesis Inspector Khan pulling the strings of the liquor licencing board.

Khan’s willing to cut a deal – but he isn’t the only one. Shadowy forces of conspiracy and counter-conspiracy converge, and Kline has a choice: play the respectable citizen… or play his own game.

By his side, Anne Darracott, off the needle but on guard. She and Kline share a history – but not all of it.

Meanwhile, a new danger rises in the east. The White Devil, a legend out of the arcane, death himself – if death had a prehensile penis, anyway.

One thing’s for sure, Birmingham’s changing…

Philip Martin’s Gangsters: Deathtouch is the final instalment in a saga that began in 1976, with the cult classic BBC series. Uncompromising and anarchic, Gangsters combined realism with pulp fiction, social commentary with the absurd, winning the opprobrium of Mary Whitehouse, a legion of admirers, and to this day standing out as one of the most singular shows ever to be broadcast.

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About the Author

Philip Martin worked in all aspects of drama that included plays and series for mainstream TV. His early work included regular series such as Z Cars in the late 1960s/early 70s, but his most famous work is the postmodern television series Gangsters.

As well as other series work such as Doctor Who, Philip had productions of his stage plays at the National Theatre, the Royal Court Theatre, the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, the Liverpool Playhouse and his local theatre, The Duke’s Playhouse, Lancaster. Philip wrote numerous crime adaptations and original plays for Radio 3 and 4, including "Dead Soldiers", voted best radio play of the year.

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Cover by Martin Baines

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