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It’s Christmas time, and Candy Jar Books’ new title, Lost in Christmas, is sure to warm your festive heart, but we really need your help. Please download this book for FREE and read it straight away. Yes, I know we have given you so much to read, but we would really appreciate your help and support on this one.

It's the Karoller’s last Christmas together as a family, with Mom and Dad planning to divorce. But when they are magically transported into the world of the Christmas cards on display in Macy’s department store, they must band together to find their way home. An adventure worthy of Indiana Jones featuring mischievous wise men, Elvis Presley, dinosaurs and Santa Claus himself, Lost in Christmas is a charming festive fable in the spirit of It’s a Wonderful Life and  Miracle on 34th Street.

The author, Michael Sloan, is the creator of the multimillion-dollarThe Equalizer TV series and movie franchise, and has been a Hollywood screenwriter for over forty years. His other credits include Battlestar Galactica, The Six Million Dollar Man, BJ and the Bear, The Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Mysteries, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

We here at Candy Jar are very proud of Lost in Christmas, and before its market release next year, we’re hoping to gather feedback on how it can be made even better. What does this mean for the reader? We are offering a free Kindle for the next five days.

Click on the image below to  let us know what you think. Or email shaun@candyjarbooks.co.uk




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