“Beware. The one who is stalking you is evil. He will not listen to any reason that goodness may bring. Heed this warning, or perish. A friend. - W.W.”

A children’s fantasy, Beware of the Mirror Man tells the story of a girl called Sophie who discovers the mysterious mimics – little creatures that live in an old TV set in the attic – ready to perform ‘live’ for any audience that cares to watch. When sinister messages start appearing, threatening the mimic’s own lives, Sophie embarks on a journey to save her new-found friends from the terrifying ‘Mirror Man’.

Written by Benjamin Burford-Jones, Beware of the Mirror Man is his debut novel.

Illustrations by Carie Martin and Terry Cooper.

Published by Candy Jar Books.

The book is available in hardback via Amazon.co.uk, Play.com and the Candy Jar Bookstore.

RRP £7.99.


©2013 Candy Jar Ltd

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