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Top 5 Reasons to use video for your business

We put together a short animation for sharing on social media to raise awareness of the importance of using video to help grow a business.

This was a 'motion text' style of animation and was created in Adobe After Effects.


Channel 5 - Advert Stings

Candy Jar Films was asked by 'What's in the Bible?' to produce a series of short 'stings' to appear during ad breaks for the Channel 5 TV series 'The Bible' broadcast on Channel 5 in November.

Created by Phil Vischer, famous for producing VeggieTales, in
'What's in the Bible?' Buck Denver and his friends take the audience on a journey through the whole Bible, featuring witty dialogue, fast-paced animation and catchy tunes.

The Candy Jar team set out to interview children from local schools about their knowledge of the Bible, using funny and interesting responses to create the stings. Shot in front of a 'green screen', we then replaced the background with a variety of different colours in post production.


Friends and Heroes

Candy Jar Films has completed the second of two videos for animated TV series 'Friends and Heroes'. We were first asked to produce a promotional film that would highlight how schools can make use of the programme as part of Religious Education and the wider curriculum. Recently, we filmed in several churches for a video that was aimed at workers in churches, showing how the resources are used in a variety of settings. Implementing a variety of video techniques including green screen and tracking shots, we also incorporated clips from the show to ensure a fast-paced and engaging piece that communicated our client's core messages.

Previously broadcast on the BBC, Friends and Heroes is an award-winning animated children's adventure with Bible stories in more than ten languages. Aimed at children aged 6-10 the story follows Macky and Portia and Pontius the Parrot, as they fight for justice against the Roman empire and share the stories of their heroes from the Bible to give them strength and wisdom. Friends and Heroes has been broadcast in countries across every continent and is available for sale on DVD.




Candy Jar joined forces with an ambitious art installation project. Beginning in Cardiff, the 'The FibonARTcci Project’ took an aerial photo of 144 people in Sophia Gardens. The organisers plan to travel the world photographing hundreds of thousands of people, until they reach the Nevada Desert – where a satellite will take a single photograph of just over a million people.

Candy Jar Films was asked to cover the first event to help build a buzz about the project. This was shot within a couple of hours and edited in half a day before being uploaded to YouTube.


Save the Lars Homestead

Author Terry Cooper joined a team of intrepid Star Wars fans to restore the ‘Lars Homestead’ – home of Luke Skywalker. Braving scorching temperatures, they headed to the Tunisian desert where the iconic ‘igloo’ set was falling into disrepair. With pickaxes, shovels, plaster, wood and chicken wire they spent a week transforming the ruin back to its former glory.

Team leader Mark Dermul filmed their progress and we edited together the footage, adding music, titles and stills. We then uploaded the completed video to YouTube, which has had over 58,000 hits!

Terry is the author of ‘Kangazang!’, published by Candy Jar Books. y
ou can buy a copy of Kangazang! here.


V-Trak Backrest (Performance Health Products)

Performance Health Products (PHP) asked us to make a short video for one of their latest products.

The Axxis Profile Backrest is being used by Paralympic Archer Pippa Britton, who competed in the London 2012 Paralympics. In the video she talks about her experience of trying to find a suitable backrest that would support her when competing, and how the V-Trak team at PHP worked with them to come up with an ideal solution.

We travelled up to Shropshire to film Pippa in action at the Eaton Manor archery centre. Working closely with the PHP team, we edited together a 3 minute promo that incorporated graphics, titles, and music.


Why do some people attract mosquitoes?

Candy Jar Films teamed up with best-selling author Francesca Gould to produce a short informative video about mosquitoes based on her New York Times bestseller book 'Why Is Yawning Contagious?'

The team at Candy Jar was able to make use of animation and 'green screen' techniques to put Francesca right in the middle of the cartoon fun! We’re working on more videos with Francesca and will be putting them online soon.


Motley Movies' Fright Night and Haunted Basement

Motley Movies is an affiliate company of It's On Cardiff based in the heart of the capital city. Throughout the year, It's On Cardiff hosts events for the general public such as the Rooftop Cinema, where the general public are treated to classic films atop the Jacob's Market building alongside a glorious view of the city around them.

The Candy Jar team were asked to film and edit a promotional teaser for one of their upcoming halloween events - Motley Movie's Fright Night and Haunted Basement - where victims would be sent to the vaults of Cardiff Bay's Portland House. They would then have to explore the dark and terrifying area before finding themselves further up in the building where they will be treated to a secret screening of various classic horror films.

The team were able to get some excellent footage down in the vaults, creating a very atmospheric and intriguing video to entice any potential participants.


Black Mountains Smokery

Black Mountains Smokery is a family-run artisan food business based in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. Their award winning smoked foods are well received by local chefs and perfect for effortless entertaining, easy suppers and picnics as well as smoked salmon gifts and hampers delivered to the door for all occasions.

The Candy Jar team were asked to produce a series of videos that would help to raise the profile of the smokery via social media. We filmed over two days, visiting various locations across Powys - and also got to sample some delicious food!


Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo asked us to shoot a short promo video to advertise their summer Sunset Specials - where the Zoo opens after hours giving visitors the rare opportunity to enjoy the Zoo as the sun goes down with amazing animal displays and animal talks. Shooting interviews with staff and visitors, we also filmed numerous animals across the zoo, includuing lions, meerkats and penguinis!


Dru Mackenzie - Dishonesty

Reformed ex-offender businessman Dru Mackenzie explores the issue of dishonesty - a hot topic at the moment given the current economic crisis.

Dru was convicted for fraud in 2008 but has since rebuilt his life with the help of friends and family. He ran a successful coach business and is now working on several new projects including developing his career as a TV presenter.

Dru asked Candy Jar Films to help him develop ideas for a series of online videos. ‘Dishonesty’ was the first, which we filmed in and around Cardiff city centre and was edited together as a news package.


Atlantic Dash Promo Video

Intrepid firefighters John Haskill and Jamie Windsor took part in one of the world's toughest races rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. Their goal: to raise awareness and over £100,000 for Breast Cancer Care, The Firefighters Charity, Help for Heroes and WRVS (Womens Royal Voluntary Service).

The team asked us to produce a short promotional video to help raise awareness of their challenge. We shot ‘green screen’ interviews and filmed on location several times to get shots of the boys in action. We then added titles, graphics and music to complete the promo.


The Diddy Tree (interview with the author, Michelle McKenna)

The Diddy Tree is a children’s book aimed at helping parents with children who are reluctant to give up their dummies.

We filmed the author, Michelle McKenna, in front of a ‘green screen’ so that we could add our own background afterwards. We also included stills of the book’s illustrations to highlight the book’s artwork.

The Diddy Tree is published by Candy Jar Books. You can buy a copy here


One Woman’s War book trailer

To promote the book ‘One Woman’s War’, Candy Jar Films created a ‘vintage newsreel’ inspired by the book’s World War 2 subject matter. This trailer was created using original wartime footage as well as ‘green screen’ footage shot with the author Eileen Younghusband. Special effects were added to make this new footage look old by adding scratches, hairs and a ‘sepia’ filter.

One Woman’s War is published by Candy Jar Books. You can buy a copy here


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