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Becky Bloomsfield: The Missing Piece by Cherry Cobb

Ever since Mum died life has been hard for eleven-year-old Becky Bloomsfield, but everything gets turned upside down when Dad brings home his new girlfriend, Posh Penny!

Not only does Becky feel like her mum is being replaced, but Dad no longer seems to have time for her either! Everything becomes so much harder when she is accused of stealing and falls out with her best friend Cassie.

Will Becky get her dad and her best friend back? Or has life as Becky knew it changed forever?

Cherry Cobb has recently contributed to the Lucy Wilson books, Christmas Crackers and Lockdown.


Cover by Shaun Russell
Cover image: Pixabay(If you are the girl featured on this cover please do contact us).

£7.99 (+ postage)

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