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Here's some rather wonderful free Spotify playlists based on some of your favourite Candy Jar books. These tracks cover all tastes in music and spoken word...

As a very special treat you can listen to The Swish playlist (based on the young adult novel) right now. This book is out in March. You can, however, buy preview copies here. These will be posted straight away!

If you like '60s and '70s music why not try our Fab Fools: The Untold Story of The Beatles, The Invisible Artist or I Was a Teenage Spy playlists. Alternatively Lethbridge-Stewart and The Analysis Bureau evoke the era perfectly. If you are an '80s child the Python playlist should be just up your street. For Britop try the Silver Sun Playlist (inspired byThe Art of Silver Sun by Jeff Cummins). If you like David Bowie check out our Lethbridge-Stewart: Scary Monsters collection. For twenty-first century music The Norris Girls or Lucy Wilson will be just for you. Fancy a scary halloween list check out A Monster Stole My Lunchbox and
Monsters Next Door. And if you want something that is off the wall, both Wild Hair and Cameron Tiberius McPherson and His Magic Chair are a hoot, and Lorraine Bowen's The Crumble Lady album (brimming with brand new tracks) is well worth a listen.








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