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Beware of the Mirror Man (tenth birthday edition) by Benjamin Burford-Jones PRE-ORDER

Monsters have an annoying habit of turning up everywhere: under the bed, in the wardrobe, in the attic. But what about the monster that hides beyond the mirror? Pretty terrifying!

When Sophie moves house she stumbles upon the secret residents of her attic – lovable mimics who live inside an old TV. Soon she discovers that these fluffy creatures are not alone. At the very edge of every mirror lives a dark f
orce: the Mirror Man!

Beware of the Mirror Man
is a fantastical and heart-warming children's book. It will appeal to fans of Percy Jackson, The Borrowers and Wizards vs Aliens.

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A fantastic blend of humour mixed with fun quirky characters, twists, and some spooky thrills. It has a similar feel as that of kids' sci-fi novels/programmes back in the seventies (my era), but with sci-fi currently very popular it also manages to subtlety reference the modern day scene. The title character proves to be a worthy addition to the rogues' gallery of classic villains. I thoroughly recommend this novel."    Customer Review

This is a great yarn that successfully combines humour and thrills. At times it is genuinely creepy but this is counterbalanced by the reassuring presence of the Mimics, a comical creation that kids will love. Thoroughly entertaining whatever your age."  –  Customer Review

I enjoyed this immensely. The characters are well formed and the voices of the Mimics come through strongly. The book kept me guessing throughout, with subtle clues to help move the plot forward. This is a great book to read with the kids before bedtime. Funny and compelling. A great stocking filler!" Customer Review

About the Author

Benjamin Burford-Jones was born and raised in Bristol along with his five brothers and sisters. With little money in the family, Ben and his siblings would play together and let their imaginations take over. Whilst working late nights at the BBC as a runner, Ben would often spend his time thinking of stories and ideas, one of which being that the people on the television were in fact in the television.

Ben, who now lives in Manchester, has had an extremely varied career that has ranged from clerical work to puppet making. When he isn’t thinking of new tales to tell, Ben works in the television industry.


ISBN: 978-0-9566826-3-5
£7.99 (+ postage)

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