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Lethbridge-Stewart: Blood of Atlantis by Simon A Forward

(Series 3 book 2)

Could Atlantis really have arisen in the Aegean Sea?

Lethbridge-Stewart’s nephew, Owain Vine, and a group of eco-protestor friends, are attempting to oppose an operation undertaken by Rolph Vorster, a ruthless South African mining magnate with his own private army, who is out to harvest as much Atlantean riches as he can.

Lethbridge-Stewart, along with Anne Travers, is called in to investigate a missing Russian submarine that appears to be connected to Atlantis, recruiting the colourful eccentric archaeologist, Sonia Montilla, along the way. All the while, Captain Bugayev and an undercover Spetsnaz team are investigating the fate of their government’s missing submarine. A complication that could light a major fuse on the Cold War.

Meanwhile, Atlantis grows, and its reach is utterly inimical to human life.

About the author

Simon A Forward was born in Penzance in 1967. From a very early age he dreamed of writing for Doctor Who. Now he dreams and writes quite a bit between nightly periods of not sleeping much at all. He has authored several Doctor Who books, a novella, short stories and audio dramas, as well as three novelisations for the BBC’s Merlin series, and has founded his own Evil empire. He has two cats and a host of other dreams to write.


Cover by Richard Young

£8.99 (+ postage)


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