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New Stars For Old by Marc Read

"New Stars For Old brings the history of astronomy to life through a series of 20 highly readable short stories, each of which mixes facts with a good dose of fiction to introduce us to some of the important characters involved… New Stars For Old tells this story very well and brings history to life in an entertaining and informative way. 5 stars (Outstanding)" (Brian Jones, Sky at Night Magazine, Book of the Month: November 2013)

“An enjoyable series of fictional letters and bright vignettes. Read reminds us that Aristotle, Ptolemy and Kepler were real before they became legends, young before they became old, and sociable human beings before they were turned into detached ideas."

(Rebekah Higgitt, The Royal Observatory, Greenwich)

“In this delightful and erudite mixture of fiction and fact, Marc Read imagines being a fly on the wall of the history of astronomy with fascinating results."
(Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist)

Companions by Andy Frankham-Allen

“If you're expecting an A-Z of Doctor Who companions, well, you'll get it… The author has achieved something quite remarkable in cataloguing and annotating all of those companions and turning the research into something very readable, very approachable. A brilliant book, beautifully produced and printed, and a most welcome addition to the vast library of Doctor Who literature. First class.” (Books Monthly)

“There have been books about companions before – but few of them go into this amount of detail, display this amount of in-depth knowledge and above all, this amount of love. As a celebration of everything that makes the Doctor’s (and therefore our) best friends unique and special, this book is essential.” (Gary Russell, Doctor Who magazine, Big Finish Productions & Doctor Who)

Companions is a very thorough volume ... We found it fascinating to see all the touches that have been added to our favourite characters over the years and it really motivates us to catch up on some of the non-television adventures we have missed!" (Cult Box)

One Woman’s War by Eileen Younghusband

Winner of The People's Book Prize 2012/2013 (non-fiction)

“I think readers of 'The Secret Life of Bletchley Park' and fans of 'The History Channel' will love Eileen's fascinating story of her role at RAF Fighter Command during WWII. This book offers a thrilling and unique perspective on Britain's 'darkest hours' as she recalls the excitement, the dreadful losses and the sheer terror of war. Eileen tells a gripping and deeply moving story that kept me riveted through every aspect of her involvement in some of the war's most pivotal moments”
(John Barrowman, Actor)

Eileen's story is an inspiration to us all. We must never forget the selflessness, determination and bravery that people like Eileen showed on a daily basis during the Second World War. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude. (Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales)

“The work carried out by the WAAF on Radar operations during WW2 was a major contribution in the defence of our country. This book is a testament to their valuable work.”
(Dame Vera Lynn)

There is much that is remarkable about Eileen Younghusband: she is 90-years-old and is as sharp as a knife – indeed I suspect that she is a lot brighter than many half her age. (Emma Soames, Editor-at-large, Saga Magazine)

Kangazang!: Remote Possibilities by Terry Cooper

I had a blast listening to Kangazang! While I knew from the start that my mind would make comparisons between Cooper's tale and Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I intentionally set out to let myself have fun with it. And I wasn't disappointed. Cooper's humor is unmistakably British and, quite frankly, hilarious.” (The World in the Satin Bag)

“Kangazang! coincides with my type of humour. Sarcastic, a bit undergrad in parts, but I like all that!” (Colin Baker, Doctor Who)

“The writing...well, it's better than Adams...[it] is written by someone who does know how to write... The narrative journey works well. Nothing jars. And the story is a good one” (Nic Ford, Starburst Magazine)

“Kangazang was a delight. I found it funny and sly and at times laugh out loud funny.”
(Philip Palmer, Writer – The Bill, Rebus)

“Inventive, intriguing and truly comic... A remarkable piece of work.” (Neil Kinnock, House of Lords)

"A very clever and witty book. Similar in tone to Hitchhikers... thoroughly enjoyable throughout. Looking forward to book 2 now." (Amazon Review)

See You In September by Joanne Teague

"This is one of those wonderful "bucket list" type of books where you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Joanne's story is heartbreaking yet, through it all there is a serenity, a search for happiness and joy that transcends every other consideration. If you didn't know she had a terminal illness, her account of the family trek around Europe would be inspirational enough, hilarious at times, desperate at times, yet the knowledge doesn't cloud the vision - of a determined woman who wanted to spend her last precious times with her family. Absolutely terrific." (Books Monthly)

"EDS has been called an invisible condition. At EDS UK we strive to educate the medical community and raise understanding of the condition; Joanne's book is an inspiration to anyone to remind them we should all live our lives to the maximum, no matter what you are faced with and how important your family are in good times, and bad." - (Lara Bloom, Development Manager at Ehlers-Danlos Support UK)

The World Champions Boxing Quiz Book by Ralph Oates

“Fancy a challenge? Let the perfectionist Ralph Oates into your life with The World Champions Boxing Quiz Book. If you thought you knew the sport before, be prepared to realise your complacency is completely unwarranted.” (Steve Holdsworth, TV Boxing Commentator, Eurosport)

“The World Champions Boxing Quiz Book by Ralph Oates is a great read with some testing questions about a number of world champions.” (Colin McMillan, Former WBO World British & Commonwealth Featherweight Champion)

Boxing fans and even the casual followers of the sport will find The World Champions Boxing Quiz Book to be of great benefit since the publication is full of facts about a number of world champions who have fought their way to the top." (Colin Oates, European Bronze Medallist and London 2012 Olympics Judo under 66k Team GB Representative)

Beware of The Mirror Man by Benjamin Burford-Jones

“Things observing you from the corners of mirrors... creepy, blood-chilling thrills from debut author Benjamin Burford-Jones - guaranteed to frighten the life out of teenaged readers, which is what they love! I would most definitely have parted with my pocket money for a chance to read something as good as this when I was eleven or twelve years old! Brilliant stuff." (Books Monthly)

Silent Mountain by Michelle Briscombe

“The idea of a book leading to a fantastic adventure isn't new, but in Michelle Briscombe's capable hands it turns into something quite magical as our hero is drawn into a world he could barely have dreamed of. Beautifully illustrated by Terry Cooper, and with elements of conservation and an awareness of ecological and wildlife themes, this is an excellent read." (Books Monthly)

Manic Mondays by Michaela Weaver

"A great book about life as a single parent and the responsibilities it brings." – Rosie Amber

"If you are a single mum, ever have been or have ever wondered what it would be like, then this book is for you. The perils and pitfalls of newly single motherhood are captured beautifully in this un-put-downable book. With plenty of twists and turns, some light humour and a dusting of romance, the story epitomises how Caz is a rock, simply because she has to be! I can't wait for the next book!"  –  Customer Review

"Manic Mondays had me gripped from the start and as a busy Mum of three I could relate to the frightening speed at which Monday mornings come around! An entertaining light hearted read with a good balance of humour and sadness....and proof that there is life and happiness after divorce even if it does require a bit of juggling. I loved it, congratulations to a very talented author."  – Customer Review

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