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Borc Attack by P L Davies

After a space probe returns, proving light speed transfer is possible, the Digonians decide to build spaceship SOL to further explore the cosmos.

At the same time, in Digon’s remote forest region, a tremor causes a crack that runs from the planet’s molten core, through its middle layer and all the way to the surface. A gas called sterogen travels up through the crack and escapes into the air.

The sterogen is inhaled by the harmless, burrowing creatures called borcs, causing them to change into forever hungry, marauding, murderous flesh eaters.

Soon, people too become affected by the gas.

Can boy genius Ubic save Digon from disaster by finding help on P3, a Digonian like planet detected by the probe on the other side of the galaxy?

A gripping science fiction novel for children 9+


Price: £7.99 (+ postage)


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