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God Bless Hooky Street by Grant Bull & Richard Colleran

Grant and Rich are fans of Only Fools and Horses. Well, of course they are, everyone is. It’s the nation’s favourite show after all!

But Grant and Rich are such fans that they’ve decided to sit down together in a pub (or two) and watch every episode from start to finish, and give a running commentary on the show.

This book is a hilarious look at all sixty-four episodes of Only Fools and Horses. From ‘Don’t be a plonker!’ to Del Boy falling through the bar, the rickety Reliant Regal, to the smashing chandelier, its characters, storylines and sayings have entered the national culture in a way few sitcoms can claim.

So, join Grant and Rich in celebrating the legacy of a show that has seen so much cultural impact and achieved so much longevity and success for nearly forty years!

Lovely jubbly!


WAS £9.99
NOW £5.00 (+ postage)

Cover by Terry Cooper

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