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Kangazang! Star Stuff by Terry Cooper

Jeff Spooner & Ray Scump, (the men
From Kangazang!) are chilling out on the beaches of the luxurious alien world after saving the Universe. But they can't relax for long as they both have to go on a quest to find their loved ones who have disappeared without warning! Ray's dad has gone mad and Jeff's robot girlfriend has left him, heartbroken. Add to that, their mortal enemies have joined forces to destroy them once and for all, using a spaceship and the doomed city of Swansea! Confused? You will be!

The long-awaited sequel to the hilariously surreal Kangazang! Remote Possibilities
novel by Terry Cooper

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About the Author

Terry Cooper was born in London in 1969 and moved to the Welsh Valleys in 1980. After a brief period in the music industry with his band Best Shot, who supported East 17 on tour around the UK, Terry went back to his artistic roots and worked for various film and television companies. He has since graduated from the University of Glamorgan with a degree in Computer Animation. Terry released his first book Kangazang: Remote Possibilities in 2008 as the beginning of the now-complete Kangazang trilogy.

During May 2012, Terry travelled to the Tunisian desert to restore Luke Skywalker’s home. He is currently finishing off his first feature film, Offworld, which he wrote and directed in 2017.

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