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Keeping Clear of Paradise Street by Brian Moses

In the 1950s there was no Internet, no iPhones, no games consoles, no colour TV. Sounds grim?

Actually there was good stuff too. What kind of stuff? Well how about... secret tunnels... flea circuses... Saturday morning cinema... cows in the back garden?

Cows in the back garden!? Yep. The past was a strange place.

And Brian Moses was there. Of course, he wasn't so 'old' back then. He was around your age. Old enough to be your friend! Read stories of killer crabs, teachers armed with baseball bats, and grenades that washed up on the beach.


I very much enjoyed reading KEEPING CLEAR OF PARADISE STREET. It’s a terrific evocation of that time and I’m sure it will stir many many memories for people like me. It’s specific and unique, of course, but somehow universal. It captures speech and relationships and characters perfectly. I loved being reminded of how people spoke and the things kids did back then. Is it pure nostalgia on my part to think that language was more colourful and imaginative then with such a wide range of parent to child, and child to child, phrases and sayings and that life out on the streets was so much more fun than kids have nowadays?
- Nigel Hinton, author of Buddy, Beaver Towers, Time Bomb, 2 Die 4

About the Author

Brian Moses was born in Ramsgate and is best known for his children’s poetry. He has over 200 published works and is a Reading Champion for the National Literacy Trust. Brian was asked by CBBC to write a poem for the Queen’s 80th birthday and, in July 2007, was invited by HRH Prince Charles to speak at the Prince’s Summer School for Teachers.

Paperback Edition

Cover by Nathan Hudson

£7.99 (+ postage)

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