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The Liars' and Fibbers' Academy by Laura Foakes

Think of a lie – double it – add a pinch of fibbing and a teaspoon of invention. Stir in a handful of clueless adults and a seemingly bonkers classmate, then sit back and wait for the pizza to rise.

Danny Quinn isn't exactly lying when he announces that his sister has been reincarnated as a dog. No-one believes him though, so he is sent to The Liars' and Fibbers' Academy where he just learns to tell whoppers more convincingly. Aided by a girl who insists she's a mermaid named Derek, and Inigus Jowly, the school's mysterious caretaker, Danny is able to hoodwink his family until he finally learns the truth. But this turns out to be more outrageous than any fib he could come up with.

The Liars' and Fibbers' Academy
is a funny and quirky children's book. It will appeal to fans of David Walliams, Roald Dahl and Francesca Simon.

For readers aged 9+ or perfect to be read aloud to younger children.

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"When Danny Quinn truthfully tells everyone that a stray dog is the reincarnation of his older sister, his mother takes to her bed. Danny is sent to the Liars and Fibbers Academy where he meets Derek, who insists she's a mermaid. They are the only children at the school, which has no teachers.

This is a wonderfully quirky read, which has lots of humour and depth. There is a great cast of characters su
ch as Danny's granny, Lydia who does head standing yoga and belly dancing, and Miss Balalaika from Petersburg who lives upstairs with her Arthur (arthritis), eats Chum dog food, and looks out for Danny with her cries of 'Oi Vey'. The narrative rattles along, diving into Inigus' past as a mud lark and turd collector for a tannery in Victorian England. There is wit and originality in the writing which swooshes the reader from past to present and then into a further dimension. Underlying the fast paced action is the unfurling story of two children struggling to cope with bereavement and with the guil they carry from feeling they were responsible for their loved ones' deaths.

This is an exceptional first novel which is highly entertaining; it also addresses the burden of self blame which many children carry."
Sophie Smiley, School Librarian (Winter 2014)

Among a deluge of new writing for children, for me The LaF Academy stands out as a truly original story while also having all the ingredients you want out of a book for this age group (jacket says 9+, though obviously younger for adults reading aloud) - drama, humour, twists and turns, weird and wonderful escapades and so many fantastic stand out characters that kids will just fall in love with. I don't normally like making author comparisons, but this is truly classic children's literature that in my opinion sits right up there with Roald Dahl's quirky storytelling and characterisation. This new author is definitely one to watch for anyone who cares about giving (and reading aloud) quality literature to the children in their lives. Fabulous illustrations too."  –  Amazon, Customer Review

Great book for grandchildren, the illustrations bring this book to life and add a new dimension. Highly recommended. Easily affordable price to give as a gift."  –  Amazon, Customer Review

Funny, entertaining, compelling and thoroughly enjoyable, this is a great addition to children's literature. The illustrations are simply stunning. Heartily recommended."  Amazon, Customer Review

About the Author

Laura Foakes was born in a South Wales mining village, and started writing stories at the age of seven. Her first success was a documentary drama story of Sir Francis Chichester's solo circumnavigation of the globe in his yacht, the Gypsy Moth IV, written when she was eight years old. At such a young age with her original ideas, Laura quickly decided her dream was to be a writer, later in life winning top prize for the South Wales Short Story Competition with her entry, 'The Countess and the Mole Man'.

Passionate about literature, Laura took inspiration for The Liars' and Fibbers' Academy from her own childhood. Embracing her younger self, and the level of creativity that comes with the younger imagination, she teaches that sometimes, it's OK to have fun.

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