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Lost in Christmas by Michael Sloan

When the Karoller family visit Macy’s on Christmas Eve, they are magically transported from the real world onto a series of Christmas cards. As they jump from one card to another, they find themselves in Victorian England, meeting Elvis Presley, running away from dinosaurs, and making friends with a very clever smowman. But how will they get home? In Lost in Christmas, the Karoller family learn life lessons about love, trust, family, and the spirit of Christmas.

About the Author

Written by Michael Sloan (the man who created the TV series and Hollywood blockbuster The Equalizer featuring Denzel Washington). Other credits include: Battlestar Galactica, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, The Six Million Dollar Man, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Mysteries and Columbo.


Lost in Christmas by Michael Sloan is as heart-warming as a Thomas Kinkade painting, filled with likeable characters, snowy landscapes, adventure, bullies and busy shopping at Christmas. It is actually a complete action tale in its own right (in a Christmas setting) and may easily become a family tradition to dip into at Christmas each year (like The Box of Delights). There are plenty of pop culture references which add to the richness of the story, though if you don't recognise them, they don't detract in any way. Unfortunately in a few years time, this may date the novel. It would love to see Lost in Christmas adapted as a graphic novel and an audio drama. Well worth checking out!

Christmas movies are something of a guilty pleasure at a certain time of year. This is the literary equivalent of those films, except it's told by a master story-teller, so is simply better. Lovely idea, great story, interesting characters....loved it!

Family is what life is all about and the Christmas magic in the cards... teaches it all. A must read for those who love... A wonderful Christmas real life magical story!


WAS £8.99
NOW £5.00 (+ postage)

Cover by Richard Young
Illustrations by Jez Knight Harris & Terry Cooper


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