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Revenge of the Cannibal Chickens by Gavin Lihou

Cannibal chickens.
Roosters driving trucks.
Dastardly villains.
Elvis eggsley.

Who can be trusted?

Dougy and Dermot are out for revenge! Join them on this terrifying and eggscitingride through slicers and dicers, as they fight for the freedom of chickens everywhere!Who will come out on top in this eggstraordinary tasteful tale of deception and betrayal?


Absolutely hilarious, fun and full of wit. A pun-tastic, action packed book that's good for the young and old alike. Don't miss it."
Leah Ellis

I like the book because it is funny and if people were in a sad mood they could read it and it would make them happy. And the pictures are hilarious. I rate it 10 out of 10 eggs."
Rhys Crampton

"This book is hilarious. My 10 and 12 year olds loved it, but better yet is that it is full of the side jokes will appeal to the grown ups. Can not wait for the next book."
Jenny Graham

I have been reading Cannibal Chickens to my granddaughter. I don t know who laughs more my granddaughter or me. A great read for young and old."
Paul Andrea


Cover by Patrick Coombes

£6.99 (+ postage)

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