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The Raccoons:
Cry Wolf! by John Peel  

Why Schaeffer, what big teeth you have! Why Bert, what big fibs you tell…"

There’s been a tornado in the
Evergreen Forest! Schaeffer the sheepdog has gone wild! And there are gangsters at Cyril Sneer’s mansion!

Or maybe Bert Raccoon’s imagination is getting the better of him. Perhaps his quest to become the best (and only) news reporter in the forest means fiction sounds better than fact. It’s certainly not Sneer’s three P
ig henchmen making the young Raccoon cry wolf. Nope, no one will believe Bert’s crazy tales anymore.

But Bert really does have a story: the biggest thing to ever hit the
Evergreen Forest. Cyril intends to pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

For children who grew up in the mid-’80s, early ’90s The Raccoons was required viewing. Mixing anarchic humour with great storytelling, this classic Canadian animation TV series focused on the exploits of Bert Raccoon, his best friend Cedric Sneer, Melissa and Ralph, Schaeffer the dog, and, of course, the  dastardly pink aardvark, Cyril Sneer.



The three books (Cry Wolf!, The One That Got Away and Blast from the Past!) are written by John Peel (author of Eerie Indiana, Are You Afraid the Dark, The Secret World of Alex Mack, The Lucy Wilson Mysteries and Doctor Who), Iain McLaughlin (the former editor of Britain’s longest-running comic, The Beano, and author of books based on The Tomorrow People, Dennis the Menace and Doctor Who), and Chris McGuire (who produced the Hannah Montana spin-off series, Hannah-Oke, launched Hacker T Dog, and developed and wrote the BAFTA-winning Me:TV and Emmy-winning Pet School for CBBC).


Cover by Terry Cooper

£6.99 (+ postage)


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