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Lethbridge-Stewart: The New Unusual by Adrian Sherlock and Andy Frankham-Allen

(Series 5 book 2)

Candy Jar Books is pleased to announce the latest Lethbridge-Stewart novel of 2017, the first of its exciting fifth series, is now available for pre-order, exclusively from the Candy Jar webstore.
The first book (and two subesequent
releases) are limited editions, with only 400 copies planned. The New Unusual includes a revised ‘exclusive’ version of 'The Playing Dead' short story.

All three books will only available to purchase from the Candy Jar Books webstore, and will not be made commercially available.

It's the early 1970s, a time of change, a time of turmoil, a time of surrealism, LSD and the Age of Aquarius,a time of fads, Moon landings and wars, and the young people of the world are seeking somethingnew -
and unusual!

For Anne Travers, an encounter with a so-called "dream egg" is just the beginning of a long nightmare. Herscientific curiosity aroused, Anne begins to probe the secret underground scene known as 'dream-ins',
where students and others meet to get involved with a new craze and, perhaps, something far more alien to human experience.

And for Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, who finds himself drawn into Anne's investigations, this probe will lead himand the Fifth Operational Corps to the wilderness of the Australian Out Back,to a little opal mining town called Coober Pedy and a search for answers.


Cover by Adrian Salmon

£8.99 (+ postage)


To visit the Lethbridge-Stewart website click here.


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