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What's the Matter with Slithers? by Barbara Michaels

What can be the matter with Slithers? He doesn't feel well, not at all well.

He escapes from the glass tank where he lives to search for another snake who might be able to help.

But there is danger on the way in the shape of Percy the python.

Can Slithers help another snake escape from Percy's clutches before it is too late?

About the Author

BARBARA MICHAELS’ career as a writer began on local newspapers back in the Fifties. Since then she has been writing non-stop. Her celebrity interviews and exploits, such as piloting a glider and driving a tank, have been published worldwide in newspapers and magazines, plus short stories in a wide range of publications and anthologies, including ‘My Cheating Heart’ and the award-winning anthology ‘Laughing, Not Laughing’. Now, at the age of 83 and working with illustrator Sian Bowman, Barbara has written a children’s picture book. What's The Matter With Slithers? is a story about a young snake who goes on a big adventure. The idea first came to her when her grandson became the proud owner of – yes, you’ve guessed! A pet snake!


Cover by Sian Bowman


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