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The Premise:

Lethbridge-Stewart is a new series of novels set after the 1968 Doctor Who serial The Web of Fear, and based on the characters and concepts created by Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln. The series is published by Candy Jar Books, and fully licensed by the executor of the Haisman Literary Estate, Hannah Haisman, and endorsed by Henry Lincoln.

It is primarily centered around the characters of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, who was at the time of The Web of Fear
a colonel in the Scots Guards, and Anne Travers (also introduced in The Web of Fear), and is set during the four-year gap between that serial and The Invasion, which saw Lethbridge-Stewart reunited with the Doctor and promoted to brigadier and head of the UK branch of UNIT.  The character continued in Doctor Who as a semi-regular from 1970 to 1975, and made many return appearances throughout Doctor Who‘s history, even beyond his death in 2011 when he was resurrected last year in Death in Heaven as a Cyberman. He is probably the most well-known character next to the Doctor, and a bona-fide legend of the Doctor Who universe. And yet, despite almost forty-eight years, the story of how he came to be leader of UNIT has never been revealed. Until now…

The Minds Behind the Fiction:

Range (Deputy) Editor — Andy Frankham-Allen has worked as an author for Big Finish, Hirst Books and Untreed Reads. As an editor he was responsible for the steampunk series of eBooks, Space: 1889 & Beyond. He is now Candy Jar Books’ project editor, working primarily on commissioning and overseeing the Lethbridge-Stewart series of books, as well as providing editorial work on some of their more popular titles such as Tommy Parker: Destiny Will Find You.

Editor-in-Chief — Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar Books, has a background in television production, marketing and journalism and has worked for ITV, Channel 5, GMTV and The Children’s Channel. He has excellent contacts throughout the media in both television and print journalism and possesses a keen commercial sensibility. Responsible for overseeing Candy Jar’s book production, he is also heavily involved in marketing their titles.

First series (2015)
The Forgotten Son
The Schizoid Earth
Beast of Fang Rock
Mutually Assured Domination

Second series (2016)
Moon Blink
The Showstoppers
The Grandfather Infestation

Third series (2016)
Times Squared
Blood of Atlantis
Mind of Stone

Fourth Series (2017)
Night of the Intelligence
The Daughters of Earth
The Dreamer's Lament

Fifth Series (2018)
A Very Private Haunting
The New Unusual
The Man From Yesterday


Praise for The Forgotten Son

"A solid start to the series. The Brigadier is such an integral part of Doctor Who mythos, it seems right and proper he now has his own series." – Doctor Who Magazine

"The Forgotten Son is a well-paced, superbly atmospheric and detailed story that will transport its reader back to a time when you could truly hide behind the sofa as the Yeti menace stalked London." – The Consulting Detective

"A strong opening that sets out the series’ stall very well." – Sci-Fi Bulletin

Praise for The Schizoid Earth

"McIntee’s action sequence writing is one of his trademarks, with his keen interest in different sorts of military hardware this time becoming important to the plot, rather than just the Tom Clancey-esque namedropping it could be." – Sci-Fi Bulletin

"McIntee turns in a fine Who based thriller that both harkens back to the era in which it's set while also exploring ideas and concepts more modern. It's a fast paced tale and one that makes for a wonderful addition to this new series." – Warped Factor

"Stylistically, David A McIntee's novel feels like a punchier, slightly more adult version of the old Target novelisations of Doctor Who. It's tightly paced, well-plotted and meticulously researched... Engrossing, gripping, action-packed and with a central premise that sends shivers of excitement down your spine, you won't be able to put it down until you finish the final page." Doctor Who Magazine

The Forgotten Son
By Andy Frankham-Allen

The Schizoid Earth
By David A McIntee

Beast of Fang Rock
By Andy Franhkam-Allen

Mutually Assured Domination
By Nick Walters


Various authors


Moon Blink
By Sadie Miller


The HAVOC Files 3


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