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The League of Red Nosed Gentlemen by Mark Carton

In the sleepy town of Oonabligen, deep in the heart of Greenland, something strange is going on…

The mysterious League of Red Nosed Gentlemen is paying people to sit around doing nothing. Why? It’s not even Christmas!

Well, it’s always kind of Christmas in Oonabligen. When its inhabitants aren’t shovelling snow, they’re scoffing mince pies.

But for Nicolas Miseltow, detective extraordinaire, it’s not the holidays yet. He will need everything he’s learned from TV mysteries to crack this case…

Featuring zany illustrations by Sash Waite, The League of Red Nosed Gentlemen
is sure to spread festive cheer to all ages, all year round.

About the Author

Raised in Birmingham, the son of a cleaner and a sheet metal worker, Mark Carton scraped through school with enough grades to go ‘up north’ to University, and has spent the last thirty years doing every job from an unsuccessful NCP car park attendant to a top performing ‘foam hand’ salesman on the Radio One Roadshow.

Whilst working at weekends on a market stall at the Newcastle Quayside, just below the iconic Tyne Bridge, he took along his netbook and started writing a story. It was a longer version of a bedtime story he had made up for his daughter a couple of years earlier.


Cover by Basil M Waite

£6.99 (+ postage)

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