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The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Children of January by Tim Gambrell

A new calendar year. A new term. A new set of challenges for Lucy Wilson and Hobo Kostinen.

The two of them discover they’ve been selected to represent their school at a national team event, that weekend.

But why such short notice? Who are the other seven children making up their team? And why are none of them bothered by the prospect of searching out concealed aliens on the frozen wastes of Dartmoor, in January 2020?

Pretty soon, Lucy and Hobo realise that no one is quite what they might seem on this particular weekend away.

The Children of January  includes quite a large cast of characters. Featuring Lucy and Hobo, Sergeant Benton and Joshua Benton, Anne Travers and Reisha Travers and many more!

22/9/21: This book has been posted.


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Cover by Steve Beckett

WAS £7.99
NOW £3.50 (+ postage)


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